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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – The city of Findlay was on the brink of losing a major production plant, and the 55 jobs that it employed until another company decided to buy it out.Last September, the plant, formerly known as the Dow Chemical Company, announced they were ready to shut down operations. That’s when Valfilm stepped in and decided to purchase the plant, retaining all their current jobs. Now, just a few months later, even more jobs are expected to be created.Tony Iriti, the Director of Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development, says finding a similar company to purchase the Dow plant was very important to keeping this industrial area occupied.

“The type of business that they were in and the way the plant was laid out, it would have made it very difficult to retrofit to some other industry. So, having a company like Valfilm come in, they’re keeping the employees, which is very important, keeping the intellectual property, and they still buy their resin from Dow,” said Iriti.

The Findlay plant is Valfilm’s first operation within the United States. They plan on expanding plant operations by 2018, adding 75 to 80 new employees. Valfilm was also awarded a 55 percent, eight-year payroll tax credit from the state for creating new jobs.


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