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Humble Robinson Development and the usual members of the “Findlay Formula” began planning for a spec building in 2017. Today the City Planning Commission approved the site plan for a tenant to begin operating this summer. The Fortune 10 tenant will be hiring 160 employees and investing over $5 MM in the facility.

“The site location along with a business-friendly community attracted us to build the spec building,” said Jerry Robinson, Managing Partner of Humble Robinson. “Findlay is one of the fastest-growing communities in NW Ohio. Their recognition as the Top Micropolitian in the United States reflects the investments made year after year by business.”

The spec building site was developed in partnership with Jobs Ohio, Regional Growth Partnership, City of Findlay, Ohio Department of Transportation, and Hancock Regional Planning Commission. The infrastructure for the spec building was installed at the same time ZF constructed their state of the art 250,000 square foot manufacturing building next door in 2018. “We worked with our local, regional, and state partners to leverage resources to construct a facility that would allow for many types of tenants,” said Tim Mayle, Director of Economic Development. “Many project leads come across our desks that require zoning, roads, water, sewer, gas, and electric to all be in place. Thankfully Humble Robinson invested in a spec building. Most communities have the utilities, few have a spec building.”

Humble Robinson is actively working on establishing a second building in Findlay. “Our team is working on additional development plans in Findlay,” said Robinson.

For more information, please contact the Findlay•Hancock County Economic Development Office at 419-788-0490 or email
100,000 sq ft interior

Planning Commission 2.11.21