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Over the past eight years, Findlay’s industrial corridor has expanded significantly, contributing to eight consecutive Top Micropolitan wins as measured by Site Selection Magazine.  The Economic Development office’s commitment to the FindlayFormula™ enables a site selection process not experienced anywhere else.

Site Selection Magazine is the official publication of the Global FDI Association and the Industrial Asset Management Council. In 2021, Site Selection ranked the United States’ 543 micropolitan stastical areas, with a population of 10,000 to 50,000. Rankings are measured on qualified projects meeting one or more of three criteria: $1 MM or more invested, 20 or more jobs created or 10,000 or more square feet constructed. Last year Findlay business invested more than $163,000,000 in expansion, machinery and equipment resulting in 1,600 net new employees hired.  Over the past eight years, qualified projects have totaled $1,645,235,695 in investment.

“Winning eight years in a row validates the strength of our existing office, manufacturing and logistics base,” said Tim Mayle, Director of Economic Development.  “Each year our number one goal is to assist local companies as they seek to expand.  The majority of qualifying projects come from companies continuing to hire employees and expand.”

“The City of Findlay works every day with business and Economic Development to position Findlay to be as competitive as possible. RL Carriers saw first-hand how we work to make permitting and operating in Findlay as smooth as possible,” said Christina Muryn, Mayor-City of Findlay.  RL Carriers was impressed with the partnership between Economic Development and The City of Findlay in 2021.  “I wish every community would embrace development the way Findlay does,” said Stan Richards, Director of Construction for R+L.  “The team was prepared to answer all of our questions to insure that we were preparing a site plan that would meet the requirements of the City of Findlay.”

In 2021 Economic Development zeroed in on residential development as a key initiative. “Residential development goes hand-in-hand with community growth and talent attraction,” said Andrew Yates, a single and multi-family residential developer and board chair of the Economic Development Advisory Board.  “Thanks to our residential developers we had single family, senior housing, town home, downtown infill and workforce housing constructed in 2021,” said Dan Sheaffer, Project Specialist, Economic Development.


About Findlay Hancock County Economic Development

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