Findlay and Hancock County have a long and successful association with the automotive industry. Ohio is ranked Number Two nationally for total Tier 1 automotive suppliers, as home to nearly one-in-ten of North America’s suppliers. Major auto manufacturers are just a short drive away.

More than 1.1 million light vehicles and trucks roll out of Ohio assembly lines each year, with three of our state’s manufacturing facilities accounting for more than one-sixth of the nation’s total output. When you see Honda Accords and CRVs, Jeep Wranglers, and Ford Econoline vans on the road, you’re seeing the pride of Ohio’s highly skilled autoworkers. In fact, half of the nation’s autoworkers work here or within 500 miles of our state.

That means two things to companies that supply the automotive industry: we’re close to your customers, and we have the skilled employees you need to produce the quality those customers expect. Plus, our transportation infrastructure makes serving your customers quick and affordable.

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