When it comes to transportation, it’s hard to beat Ohio. The Buckeye State is crisscrossed by fast Interstate highways and multiple Class 1 rail service in every direction. Findlay and Hancock County make it easy for companies to tap into that transportation infrastructure, with immediate access to Interstate 75 and extensive local railroad service.

If air travel and cargo are important to your company, you’ll appreciate the quality of the facilities at the City of Findlay Airport (KFDY), with an all-weather 6,500-foot runway that safely accommodates all business jets and most cargo planes. For commercial air travel and Amtrak trains, Toledo is nearby, and even more travel options are just a short drive away in Dayton, Columbus, and Detroit.  The CSX Intermodal National Gateway is only 10 miles north of Findlay and provides Steam Ship pricing from NW Ohio to the world.

Companies that need to move things in bulk over greater distances benefit from access to ocean shipping from multiple ports on Lake Erie and barge travel up and down the Ohio River. With so many local advantages and ways to access your company’s world, it’s hard to think of anyplace that’s better connected than Findlay and Hancock County, Ohio.


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